Arts in Medicine & Intercultural Health

Arts in Medicine & Intercultural Health

Milena Carvajal George embodies a holistic approach to wellness, nurturing individuals through self-care essentials like nutrition, rest and sleep, joy, movement, emotional management, and the Relaxation Response. With expertise in intercultural health education, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Feldenkrais Method, Arts in Medicine, and Hospital Management, Milena founded Milenaria over a decade ago. At Milenaria, she cultivates a supportive atmosphere that harmonizes love, arts, ancestral medicine, quantum healing, intercultural healthcare, arts in medicine, and immersive nature experiences, all aimed at guiding individuals towards holistic well-being and inner peace. 

Milena currently serves as the Social Assistant for the Colombian Consulate in Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Milena is also an University Professor and developed Sanarte Cuántica. The system champions educational self care sessions, dance therapy, collective performances based on social art, and ethnography in which the body is investigated as a territorial natural landscape for experiencing well-being and global health.

As an artist Milenaria continues to perform and collaborate at notable venues and ensembles across New York City since 2015 including participating in Ancestral Genealogy Performance, Mujeres en Movimiento, Queens Museum 2019 NYC, The Extended Reality Ensemble’s Ars Electronica Festival Garden NYC 2021, Letter of New York Materiales For The Arts NYC 2022,The Extended Reality Ensemble’s Letters Without Borders 2022 at Culture Lab LIC, The Extended Reality Ensemble’s #MakeUsVisible Wicked Equity! 2022 at ChaShaMa in March, Launch Party in Central Park, and The Paroxysm Project at Westbeth Gallery, 2023.


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