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Nurse, Health Educator, and Holistic Therapist

Milenaria is an Urban Shaman: Artist, Nurse, and healer with more than 20 years of experience in areas such as critical care, Higher Education, Public Health, Social Arts, Ancestral Medicine, Natural Medicine, Conscious Nutrition.

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About Milenaria

Health Educator

Milenaria works as an university professor with the University of Tolima in Colombia and with the National University of Jujuy in Argentina, teaching Natural Medicine, Intercultural Health, Arts and Health and she has been invited to international conferences. She worked as a diabetes educator for health advocacy and disease prevention. Milenaria also works with community programs to help avoid violence against children, women and other vulnerable people.


She created the Sanarte Cuántico system, a methodology to approach pedagogical alternatives for humanity’s wellness. This therapy is conscience science, that promises to improve one’s knowledge of healing life from metabolic syndrome, and to improve the immune system to reach physical, mental and spiritual empowerment. After a first 1 hour diagnostic consult Milenaria is going to offer you ancestral medicine, quantum healing, integrative health, bioneuroemotion, andean worldview, conscious nutrition, intercultural healthcare, and arts in medicine.


As a multidisciplinary artist, Milenaria uses performance, dance, video art, painting, sculpture, social art, and ancestral healing rituals, as well as intimate energetic dialogues to achieve healing. The art and health Milenaria’s project has had a presence in museums such as the Museo del Río in Honda Tolima with the performance Yakumama, 2019, The Queens Museum with Performance Genealogía Ancestral collaboration with the Mujeres en Movimiento de Nueva York, 2019. Performance Ritual IX, Festival Garden Arselectronica, New York, 2021. Performance Social Art: Evoke the Love. Make us Visible, XRE extended reality ensemble, Central Park, New York, 2022.


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Thanks to the integrative therapies and education of the Sanarte Cuántico program, I acquired the knowledge to improve my relationship with food and learn to intuitively nourish my body and my being through its emphasis on Conscious Nutrition. Thanks to clean and mindful eating, my digestion has improved, I’ve gotten rid of inflammation, my energy levels have increased, my skin and hair look healthier, and my body fat percentage has decreased satisfactorily. If you want to learn healthy guidelines to nourish yourself wisely and improve your health, do not hesitate to hire their services.


Student, Argentina